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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you on social media?

We have a presence on Twitter where you can follow us at @ConjuredI.

We have a Youtube channel where you can follow us at Conjured Images.

Or you can follow us on LinkedIn at Conjured Images.

We are new to video. How does this work?

We have created an 8 step guide to our Video Production Process. If you would like us to send you a copy please use our contact form and request a copy.

Similarly if you have a new product and you want to understand more about the process of getting it photographed effectivly we have a page that goes into detail about the process around creating a shot list.
Why are there no prices on your web site?

Certain types of photography/videography lend themselves to fixed pricing better than others. Head shots are a good example of a type of photography that lends it’s self to fixed pricing. Most of what we do has so many variables that we can’t begin to set a price before we sit down with the customer and understand their vision and gather the requirements. The good news is that every one gets a price that is customized to their needs. We have added a post on our thoughts page if you would like to know more or you can use our contact form so we can discuss your requirements.

Do you work with small companies and start ups?

Yes we do. In fact we love them. We know that starting a business can be very expensive and stressful and not every one can afford the cost of an add agency to handle all their advertising needs. We can work with you to develop ideas for your layout, walk you through what is required for a successful shoot, help you with retouching etc. We can help you with as little or as much as you require. We want to help.

Do you shoot Amazon pictures?

It's complicated

Do you do long form drama, weddings or landscape style videos?

Not as part of Conjured Images. Conjured Images is soley focused on product and corporate work. Similarly you won't find product reviews and similar stuff listed here as that isn't important to our customers. What is important to our customers is building their brand and and getting their customers attention.

The owner of Conjured Images has recently set up a personal web site to display things he shoots that don't fit here and will include tutorials, product reviews and other related content. You can find his new site here.

Are you hiring?

Sorry we aren’t looking for full time employees currently. We are however always looking for freelancers that we can collaborate with on projects. Whether that is hair and makeup, sound techs, grips, shooters, costume, models or any one else in the industry. Feel free to use our contact page to drop us a note and let us know who you are, what you do and how we can get in touch with you.

Do you take jobs outside of Vancouver?

We are happy to report that the province of BC will be opening travel within BC very shortly and Alberta is dropping all restrictions as of July 1. So we are currently ready to discuss with companies projects outside of the GVA.