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How Much for a Video?. What's your rates?

We get asked this all the time and it is a bit like asking "How much does a house cost?". What kind of house? New or used? How big? How is it decorated and finished? What is it built of? Where is it built? How soon do you need it?

Lets take the most simple of examples. Say a company wanted to do an interview with the CEO and they wanted to record it with them standing in the company lobby with the company logo on the wall behind them.

In this scenario the set is free, the required lighting is minimal, the crew is minimal it could likely be shot by one person if a hair and make up artist (HMU) isn't required. This is almost the least expensive type of video we can produce.

Now lets say instead of shooting it in the lobby it is decided that it would be better to shoot it outside with the CEO standing in front of a Bugatti Chiron because that would send a better message of success.

First if no one involved happens to have a spare Bugatti Chiron laying around that we can use, then we need to start looking into where to source one. That will take time. We will need insurance. It will likely have to be transported to us or we will have to pick up our equipment and go to it. In ether case we will likely need permits for a location suitable for such a vehicle. Now that we are out side we may need a grip crew and truck. I can go on and on. The point is that what seems like a small change can make a drastic change in the final price. In this case the price of shooting the video may have increased by 100 fold or more just by adding the car.

Please don't let that crush your hopes and dreams. One of our jobs is to help you realize your vision while trying to keep the budget from getting so out of control that it kills the project. There are many ways that we can do that. One of the best ways is knowing what needs to be in the video and what is just a distraction. Hint, if we put the CEO outside next to a bright shiny super car, every one will remember the car.

So going back to the original question, "How much for a video?". Are we doing a 6 second pre-video Youtube spot or creating some thing more ambitious? When you contact us we will arrange a meeting to get a better idea of your needs, your vision and what you are trying to accomplish. We will suggest things to help the project be more successful and when we both have a common vision then we will be in a better place to finally give you the answer you want.

You may see video production sites that give a price but use the word "starting" in the line. This often isn't an actual price. This is usually a polite way of saying "If you can't meet this price we don't want to talk". The final price will almost always be higher.

We are always ready to talk to people. If it turns out your vision is bigger than your resources then maybe we can find a way to use "The Magic of Light and Shadows" to tweak that dream and make it fit your means so we can bring it to life. In any case if we can't meet your needs today, maybe we can some time in the future. In the mean time we have both made a new friend. So use our
contact page and share your dreams.

I hope that clarifies the issues with listing a price.