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Invoking the Magic of Light and Shadows

Seasons Message


Mercifully 2020 will soon be coming to an end. Unless you had a child born this year it is doubtful that 2020 will make the top of your “Best year ever” list. The damage done by this years events has been severe and has affected almost every one. The repercussions will be felt for years to come.

But as we close out the year we don’t want to dwell on the negative, we want to look to the hope for the new year and think of the good things from this last year. At the very top of our list of good things from the last year has to be our friends.

To our old friends we can only say thank you. Whether it was giving us encouragement during tough times, finding ways to support us as business was grinding to a near halt or just listening when we needed some one to talk to you were always there. Thank you.

To the many friends we met this last year, it has been a joy. Whether they have been old hands that have been running companies for years and are now sharing their knowledge or new entrepreneurs starting out, they have all had some thing to contribute that made things better. Great ideas, new ways to look at things, listening to our crazy ideas or collaborating on projects, what a joy and invaluable resource you have been.

Here is to wishing every one the best of the season. While we may not be able to have as large of gatherings as we have in the past we can still reach out and talk to our friends and family. Remember it wasn’t that long ago that long distance calls were measured in dollars per minute. Now it is practically free. So reach out to those you couldn’t be with this year and remember there is every reason to believe that 2021 will be a considerably better year than 2020.

We look forward to seeing and speaking to all of you in the new year and fingers crossed being able to sit down with you over a beverage.

Always remember the world is what we make of it. When we choose to do good deeds we make the world a better place. If you are in a position where you are able, please consider donating to the food bank, a homeless shelter or Toys for Kids.

Peace on Earth and good will to all.

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