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Welcome to the Thoughts of Conjured Images

The Video Process for Small Businesses

Part 1, August 22, 2021

If you have never worked with video before your likely wondering about two things. How does the process work and what does it cost? The cost part we have addressed in this article and we encourage you to read it if you are new to the process. What we are going to focus on here is what to expect when you first contact us.

Shooting on a White Background

The Pros and Cons of Shooting your Product on a White Background, July 28, 2021

There is a reason you are never going to see a Ferrari advertisement with one of their cars shot on a pure white background. Ferrari is all about the story, whether it is the legendary racing history, the up scale life style and stature or the incredible engineering. None of that is conveyed by placing their car against a white background. But show it at a race track, with a celebrity or parked in front of a mansion or yacht then your telling a story and adding to the value of the brand. Ferrari has been voted the most iconic brand for decades because they live, eat, sleep, drink and breath this philosophy.

The Shot List

Deliverables Part 1, June 15, 2021

As part of our series of posts to help customers get the most out of our services we are going to take a look at deliverables. If you work for an ad agency this will be old hat and you can skip this article. But if you are new to the process this will help you understand how the process works. In this post the focus is going to be on pictures then we will look at videos in another post.

Before we can start shooting we need to know what it is we are shooting and what we are trying to create. This starts with a shot list.

What goes into this image?

What goes into creating this image? May 15, 2021

One of the goals for the thoughts page was to help customers better understand the processes of what we do. Hopefully that will help them understand why we ask them to do things like examine the products they are going to send us or why we may ask for multiple samples. It is also hoped that it will help our customers when they are making decisions about their own layouts.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the things we might do in creating an image. It should be noted that there is no one size fits all approach to creating images. Every product requires a different approach, the one we are outlining here is just the approach we took this time. Even if we were to shoot the same product again we may choose a different approach.


When cheep is too cheep March 22, 2021

One of the more common questions we are asked is "Do you shoot Amazon pictures?"

The answer to that is ... it's complicated. No.

Let me start by saying that as customers we love like us some Amazon. It's convenient. They squeeze the heck out of sellers profits so they can often be the cheapest provider. Because most multinationals treat Canada as an after thought, often the only place to buy certain things is on Amazon.

Having said that we do wonder, once Amazon is the only company left on earth will they still be as cheap and who will be able to buy goods from them if they are being paid Amazon wages?

The Importance of Story

The importance of Story in Product Photography, September 15, 2020

If you ask a group of photographers what the first rule of photography is, some where near the top of the list will be “tell a story”. In fact one of the key differences between photography and video is how easy it is to tell a story with video. Any one that has ever watched a movie or a documentary will know how easy and effective it can be to tell a story with video. This is because we are able to manipulate more senses. With video the canvas isn’t a single image, it changes over time and can change to tell the story you want to tell. You also have audio in the form of dialog, music and effects. That makes video very a powerful medium.

So can you tell a story with a photograph and if so, why should you care? Both are great questions.

Color Management

Color Management in Product Photography, April 7, 2020

Have you ever ordered some thing online based on it’s appearance, but then when you received it you were disappointed because the colors were not the same as the picture? I find this happens most often with online sellers that don’t have a hard earned reputation to protect. It can lead to customer returns and seldom does it lead to positive feed back for the seller. This matters now more than ever with companies moving online and people not being able to go look at the actual product. In these situations getting correct colors is critical.

How Much for a video?

Part 1, January 15, 2020

We get asked this all the time and it is a bit like asking "How much does a house cost?". What kind of house? New or used? How big? How is it decorated and finished? What is it built of? Where is it built? How soon do you need it?

Lets take the most simple of examples. Say a company wanted to do an interview with the CEO and they wanted to record it with them standing in the company lobby with the company logo on the wall behind them. In this scenario the set is free, the required lighting is minimal, the crew is minimal it could likely be shot by one person if a hair and make up artist (HMU) isn't required. This is almost the least expensive type of video we can produce.

Conjured Images

We will be using this space for a number of things, but primarily as a space to post articles and videos to help make our customers projects more sucsessful. This will cover various aspects of the art of video production and photography.

It will also include how we can help our customers make a greater impresion on their customers which will drive interest, engagement and sales. If you have any questions about video production and photography as it relates to product marketing. Please use our contact form and we will ether put up a post or contact you directly. .