Conjured Images

Invoking the Magic of Light and Shadows


What we will be posting here.

We will be using this space for a number of things, but primarily we will be using this space to post articles and videos to help our customers make their projects more sucsessful. This will cover various aspects of the art of video production and photography. It will also include how we can help our customers make a greater impresion on their customers which will drive interest, engagement and sales.

If you have any questions about video production and photography as it relates to product marketung. Please use our contact form and we will ether put up a post or contact you directly.


Shooting on a White Background
The Shot List
What goes into this image?
The Importance of Story
Color Management
How Much for a video?


The Super Powers of Photos and Videos.

Lots of people think of video as photo 2.0. In an online campaign that is a mistake as they both have different super powers. If you you want to wield them successfully and get the most out of them this video is for you. In it we explain their strengths why you need both.