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The Video Process for Small Businesses

Not every one can afford or requires the services of a full blown ad agency. Lots of businesses and entrepreneurs wonder why they should pay an ad agency to write content that they understand better than the ad agency ever could. Some are at a point where they can't afford to out source their marketing while some just find it more effective to keep it in house. After all no one understands your business better than you do.

What ever their situation, sooner or later most companies will want to focus on their core competencies and out source those things that are capital intensive or take special skills to do well, like video production. That is were we come in, we can help with the video or photography work while leaving you free to handle the parts of your marketing that you want to do yourself.

What to Expect

If you have never worked with video before your likely wondering about two things. How does the process work and what does it cost? The cost part we have addressed in this article and we encourage you to read it if you are new to the process. What we are going to focus on here is what to expect when you first contact us.

The Client

The very first thing we will do is try to understand who the client is. Both the company and the person. By understanding who the company is and what they do we will be in a better position to help them with the steps that follow.

By understanding the person we are better able to understand what their roll is in the organization, what their comfort level is and how best to communicate with the client. A 20 something entrepreneur who is starting their first business will likely have more questions than an ad executive that has been doing this for most of their life.

How Can we Help?

Every one that approaches us has one thing in common, they have decided they need some thing. Some times they will come to us with a very detailed plan of exactly what they are looking for. Some times what they want turns out to be very vague. "I would like to show my personality on my web page" or "we have a new product we want to highlight" might be examples.

What ever it is our goal is to help make it successful. That will mean trying to understand every thing that the client is thinking before we start adding our ideas. That way we get the clearest idea of what the client wants. From there we will look at what the end goal is or to put it another way how do we define success?

We will ask where does the client plan to use the video. Does it have specific time constraints. A Tic Tok video for example will have a very different crop, length and vibe than a standard interview on a corporate web site or some thing used for broadcast. The technical requirements will also be different.

If the client has done video before we will look at that. If the client has a style that they have been using for their videos then they will likely want us to create some thing with a similar style. In any case we will discuss with the client what they did or didn't like about any of the previous videos. We will also discuss what branding materials the client would like us to incorporate.

At this point we will hopefully be in a position to start working on what form the video should take. Will this be a corporate interview type video? Will it highlight a product with some music and a voice over. Is it scripted?

The Treatment

Once these sorts of questions are answered then we will be in a position to create a treatment. This is a document that has some example pictures of what the video could look like. It is designed to convey what we are visioning to the client. Is it shot indoors, outdoors, in an imaginary world etc. Is it high key or low key? The pictures and description help the client to see what we see.

Once we all agree on what form the video will take, how long it will be, how it will look and be shot then we will be in a position to create a budget for the video. If the client signs off on the budget then we will be able to move to the pre-production phase which we will cover in the next article.

If you are reading this article then you are likely looking for help with your next campaign. We want to help. The best way for us to do that is if you reach out to us via our contact page. We would be happy to discuss with you how we can bring your vision to life.

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